Women's KING RADSPEED Combo Set

The Women's RADSPEED Combo Set features 2 hybrids and 5 irons and is the ideal setup to help you gap your set perfectly by replacing your long irons with a more forgiving hybrid.

Adjustable headcovers included for hybrids.

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The RADSPEED combo set features 5 irons and 2 hybrids that utilize RADIAL WEIGHTING Technology to deliver optimized gapping with high launch and maximum speed.

  • 5H
  • 6H
  • 7i
  • 8i
  • 9i
  • PW
  • SW
Radspeed Combo Set


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Adjustable headcovers included for hybrids.


  • Two Hybrids: 5H, 6H (Graphite), Five Irons: 7-PW, SW (Graphite)

ClubLoftHead VolumeLie AngleLength with
Length with
Standard Grip
Swing WeightShaft FlexRH/LH
**4H 21.0° 119cc 58.50° 39.25" 39.00" C3.5 Ladies RH/*LH
5H 24.0° 119cc 59.00° 38.50" 38.25" C3.5 Ladies RH/*LH
6H 28.0° 119cc 59.50° 37.75" 37.50" C3.5 Ladies RH/*LH
**7H 31.0° 119cc 60.00° 37.00" 36.75" C3.5 Ladies RH/*LH

*LH Custom Only
**4H, 7H available in Combo Set through Custom

Club Loft Lie Angle Offset Length with
Length with
Standard Grip
Swing Weight
Shaft Flex
5 20.5° 62.50° 4.6 37.75" 37.50" C3 Ladies RH/*LH
6 23.5° 63.00° 3.9 37.00" 36.75" C3 Ladies RH/*LH
7 27.0° 63.50° 3.2 36.50" 36.25" C3 Ladies RH/*LH
8 31.5° 64.00° 2.6 36.00" 35.75" C3 Ladies RH/*LH
9 36.5° 64.50° 2.0 35.50" 35.25" C3 Ladies RH/*LH
PW 42.0° 65.00° 1.5 35.25" 35.00" C4 Ladies RH/*LH
GW 47.5° 65.00° 1.0 35.00" 34.75" C4 Ladies RH/*LH
SW 54.0° 65.00° 1.0 34.75" 34.50" C5 Ladies RH/*LH

*LH Custom Only

UST Recoil 450 ESX

The Recoil 450 ESX graphite women's flex shaft is a lightweight design intended to promote maximum control and distance for all women golfers with slower to moderate swing speeds through the latest in design and materials.

UST Recoil 450 ESX
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
UST Recoil 450 ESX (F1) Ladies 53g Low 4.2 High High 0.370

COBRA Lamkin Crossline Grip

Lamkin Crossline - Black

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