Women's LTDx MAX Fairway

The women's LTDx MAX fairway combines extreme forgiveness with draw bias. The design features a unique colorway, a lighter shaft, and an undersize grip for better comfort and feel.

Adjustable headcover included.

Looks And Performance
That Just Hit Different

LTDx MAX womens fairway hero
W LTDxMAX FWY low and forward CG tech

Lower Spin With Higher Forgiveness

A tungsten PWR-COR weight is positioned low and forward for faster ball speed with reduced spin. A 8g & 3g back and heel weight are adjustable to create extreme forgiveness with more or less draw bias.

Our Hottest Face Design

A new H.O.T Face design is precisely tuned for speed using machine learning. Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we've created multiple zones with perfected thicknesses to increase ball speed across a larger area of the face.

W LTDxMAX FWY face technology
W LTDxMAX FWY multi-material construction tech

Lighter And More Stable

A lighter carbon crown allows more weight to be repositioned low and forward in the PWR-COR to maximize speed and stability.

Premium Aftermarket Shaft

The women's LTDx MAX fairway is available in a premium aftermarket UST Helium Nanocore shaft. The lightweight 43g structure is designed in a women's flex and promotes high launch and excellent feel.

W LTDxMAX FWY premium shaft options
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Tech Overview


PWR-COR Technology is a multi-material weighting system that positions as much weight as possible low and forward. The weighting system utilizes a tungsten internal weight and an aluminum external weight that is positioned right behind the hitting zone to transfer maximum speed to the golf ball at impact with reduced spin.


Using machine learning, we've created a new variable thickness design that is precision tuned for speed. H.O.T stands for "Highly Optimized Topology." Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we've optimized thicknesses in multiple zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, which is how the design got its name.


Two adjustable weights (a heavy 8g and a lightweight 3g) can be positioned in the back and heel position. Position the 8g heavy weight in the back for a neutral to draw biased ball flight, or in the heel for max draw bias (11 yards).


A carbon crown is lighter than titanium and frees up more discretionary weight to reposition low within the head to maximize speed and stability.


The 3W features no rails to account for a sweeping, shallow swing while the 5W & 7W feature pronounced rails to improve turf interaction for steeper swings.

-1.5° / -1° / -1° Draw / STD° / STD° Draw / +1° / +1° Draw / +1.5°
3W 17° / 17.5° / 17.5° Draw / 18.5° / 18.5° Draw / 19.5° / 19.5° Draw / 20° 161cc 59.75° 41.75" C4.5 LADIES RH/*LH
5W 21° / 21.5° / 21.5° Draw / 22.5° / 22.5° Draw / 23.5° / 23.5° Draw / 24° 152cc 60.50° 41.25" C4.5 LADIES RH/*LH
7W 24° / 24.5° / 24.5° Draw / 25.5° / 25.5° Draw / 26.5° / 26.5° Draw / 27° 150cc 61.25° 40.75" C4.5 LADIES RH/*LH

*LH available through custom only

UST Helium Nanocore 40

The Helium wood shafts are a light weight design using materials in innovative ways for the best in feel and stability never seen before in light weight structures. This is for the golfer seeking to maximize distance with longer builds and incredible control.

UST Helium Nanocore 40
ModelDescriptionFlexShaft WeightKick PointLaunchSpinTorqueTip Diameter
UST Helium Nanocore 40 4F1 Regular 43g Low High High 6.3 0.335

Lamkin Crossline Undersize (60R) - Black (44g)

Lamkin Crossline Undersize (60R) - Black (44g)

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