Cobra XL Complete Set

The Cobra XL Complete Set includes offset, easy to hit Cobra XL clubs to maximize distance and forgiveness, plus a full-feature cart bag.

Cobra XL Complete Set

  • The men's Cobra XL Complete Set is the perfect all-in-one performance package for golfers seeking maximum distance and game improvement.
  • Low, back CG weighting delivers the best combination of spin, launch and distance throughout the set.
  • Ultra-Lightweight shafts and clubhead designs from the Driver to Irons creates more speed for effortless distance and launch for Ultimate Game Enjoyment.
  • Hybrids in the set replace long irons to add more confidence on approach shots into greens.
  • Premium cart bag includes 6 convenient zippered storage pockets, 2 insulated beverage pockets and an additional waterproof compartment.


  • GRAPHITE (Regular/Lite):
  • - Driver
  • - Fairways: 3F, 5F
  • - Hybrids: 4H, 5H
  • - Irons: 6, 7, 8, 9, PW and SW (Graphite)
  • - Putter



Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
Driver 10.5° 58.5° 45.50" D2 Regular, Lite RH/LH


Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
3 F 15° 58° 43.50" D2 Regular, Lite RH/LH
5 F 19° 59° 43.00" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH


Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
4H 20.0° 59° 39.5" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH
5H 23.0° 59.5° 38.75" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH


Model Loft Lie Length Swing Weight Stock Flex RH/LH
6 Iron 26° 62.0° 38.00" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH
7 Iron 30° 62.5° 37.50" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH
8 Iron 35° 63.0° 37.00" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH
9 Iron 40° 63.5° 36.50" D1 Regular, Lite RH/LH
PW 45° 64.0° 36.25" D2 Regular, Lite RH/LH
SW 55° 64.0° 35.5" D3 Regular, Lite RH/LH


Model Length RH/LH
Blade Putter 34.25" RH/LH


Cobra XL Graphite Shaft

Cobra XL Graphite Shaft


COBRA Lamkin REL 360

COBRA Lamkin REL 360

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